Creative Coathanger

Creative CoathangerCreative Coathanger has been developed by creative individuals from Galashiels and the surrounding areas, who came together to reenergise the Scottish Borders and draw on the strength of its creative sector.

The region has a rich creative history and thriving contemporary community of artists, craft makers, musicians, poets, sculptors, designers, architects etc. This includes the world-renowned fashion and textile design school at Heriot-Watt University in Galashiels, and some of the world’s most famous textile mills.

The main aim of Creative Coathanger is to raise awareness of the strong contemporary creative sector in the Scottish Borders.

The coathanger is literally something on which anything creative could be hung to draw attention to the region and its rich and diverse creative design and industry.

Creative Coathanger is ending the year with ‘Let’s Make 2017’ a series of exhibitions, talks, visits, creative workshops and a craft fair featuring Scottish Borders makers. The event runs from Saturday 18th November to Sunday 10th December.

The inaugural event was The Creative Everything Festival in 2016.